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LL Bufflehead

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The Long Liner Bufflehead is a low profile Decoy designed for the serious Diver Hunter. The Long Liner Bufflehead is our Best Seller. This Decoy features a rested head that is tangle free. We all know how much trouble it is to run decoys on a Long Line with high heads. The bills seem to catch on everything. Now you can load or totes up with the long lines attached to the main line. Deploy your rig without tangle. From Guides to everyday hunters this decoy will perform year after year. Made of Hi-Density foam with plastic eyes. This decoy is also has a highly detailed feather pattern that refracts light. This stops the problem of reflective Decoys on sunny days. We all know how plastics and slick foam decoys shine. These Decoys from the Ducks view are the same size as plastic decoys and take up 40% less space. So If you want a Unsinkable, Guide approved and tested Decoy. The Long Liners are the best you can buy.