Surf and Turf

THESE DECOYS ARE THE FIRST AND ONLY DECOY MADE TO WORK IN THE FIELD AND ON THE WATER! Our patent pending method of field use and water use is revolutionizing the decoy industry. The solid 1/4" fiberglass field stake will hold the decoy in all winds. With a light breeze the decoys will drift back and forth to look like a feeding bird. In the water they float and shift from side to side with a natural movement that attracts waterfowl from long distances. A must have decoy. Made with the water fowler in mind. These decoys like all of Ure-a-Duck Decoy's are hand Painted one at time. Painted with a tough combination of Flat enamels and UVprotecting vinyl paints. This Decoy can be hunted in field or water. Shoot it, nock a hole in it even cut it in half. It is made of solid urethane foam..So no worries on sinking decoys. A Product we are proud to say designed and made in the USA